Jennifer Yoswa


​​​"Jennifer creates colorful portraits brimming with character. A profound understanding of, and empathy with, the human condition combined with tremendous artistic talent, allows Ms. Yoswa to create pieces of unparalleled flair and tremendous insight....Ms. Yoswa's background in elementary education and psychology enables her to imbue unique sentiment and feeling through her art. Often simultaneously soulful and mischievous, Jennifer portrays a full range of emotion through her artwork." Owner and Director of Mirada Fine Art, July 2014

"Jesus From A to Z is an alphabet book for Christian children ages five to ten. Each letter of the alphabet is connected to a word that represents a concept important to Jesus Christ’s life and teachings. The thoughtful color illustrations are reminiscent of a simplified style of Renaissance art, and the text reinforces basic lessons about the Christian faith." Midwest Book Review, February 2009

"'What's Your Sign?' is the latest one-woman show by Aurora artist Jennifer Yoswa at Stoneheart Gallery. For this show, Yoswa has created an original series of 12 paintings representing the 12 signs of the zodiac. 'Jennifer captures a peculiar sentiment in the eyes of her characters that is truly a revelation to the spirit of both the artist and the creations,' says Mark Anthony King, owner and director of Stoneheart Gallery.' Although the paintings are created in her signature style with pensive, stylistic faces, they are a departure from Yoswa's 'storybook' style. In Yoswa's zodiac series, the backgrounds become their own piece of art, styled to look like a tile mosaic or intricate stained-glass creation filled with vibrant colors and lively texture." Canyon Courier, August 2011

"Stunning oil paintings with glowing colors and a flattened perspective provide memorable visual impact in this alphabetical introduction to important people, events and stories from the life of Jesus....A great deal of information is packed into the short text blocks, but Yoswa's compelling art is the star of this alphabetical show." Kirkus Reviews, March 2009​​​​

"Jesus From A to Z is an exceptionally written and beautifully illustrated book highlighting  Jesus’ life and ministry. Easy to read, wonderful to look at. Jesus from A to Z is a must-have!" Armchair Interviews, March 2009

"I really liked the book – thought the concept was wonderful and the art was simply amazing. I have already told others about the book, and I’ll pass the word on more."
–Trish Ramos, with Living Waters Publications and radio personality featured on the cover of Christian Women Online Magazine, March 2009

"It’s beautiful all the way around...the illustrations are beautiful, -- so vibrant yet simple. You just want to look deeply at the pictures." Former Moderator, First Plymouth United Church of Christ, Denver, Colo. March 2009

"This book will be a must for my family. The illustrations are beautiful and grab the attention of both readers and viewing audience alike....a must-have for all family libraries." Promise Keepers, March 2009

"Be sure to take time to look at the deceptively simple, rich illustrations by Jennifer Yoswa. While she appears to paint in broad strokes with simple drawing, the detail in shadings, colors and portrayal of the lesson at hand had me going back for second and third looks. I imagine children would have great fun looking for all those fine points in the art." Durango Herald, April 2009​

"Not only is the content easy for children to understand, but the illustrations by Jennifer Yoswa also add such a special tenderness at just the right moments. The angel comforting Mary brought me to tears, and the woman touching Jesus’ robe also was very moving and captivating. The use of color was magical in the skies, etc. Absolutely amazing! I am an educator, and I am thrilled and blessed to add this book to my teaching curriculum. Shadow Mountain Community Church, El Cajon, Calif.(One of the Top 100 largest U.S. churches) April 2009

"The text blocks float in reproductions of the 28 lush oil paintings Yoswa completed for the project. Kirkus Reviews called them 'stunning.'" The Denver Post,  August 2009

"Morpha - A Rainforest Story, is the Butterfly Pavilion's first children's publication. Michael Tennyson, a seasoned elementary educator, developed the wonderful storyline and Jennifer Yoswa, an education specialist, provided the remarkably rich and beautiful illustrations. Needless to say, we are quite proud of our first publication. With a wonderful storyline focusing on the conservation of the great forest cycle and the lovely artistic illustrations, we believe Morpha - A Rainforest Story will evolve into a nature classic that both children and adults will enjoy for years to come." CEO, Butterly Pavilion, Westminster, CO, October 2002

"Aurora Public Schools is proud to have teacher, Jennifer Yoswa, in its ranks. Yoswa illustrated a book called, Morpha - A Rainforest Story. The book was written by author Michael Tennyson and published by the Colorado Mountain Club Press through the Butterfly Pavilion. 'I've always had the urge to create, but I had never done anything like this before,' Yoswa said. 'I've learned you're never to old to try something new.'" Aurora Sun Sentinel, December 2002