Jennifer Yoswa​


Photo credit goes to Maddie, my daughter, who affectionately nicknamed me "Big Lady." 

"Big Lady"

​“Big Lady,” my feisty, fearless, and occasionally inappropriate alter ego, and I have been in artistic cahoots for over 20 years.

When oil painting together, I usually take the lead. I make a plan, sketch with charcoal, lay down the first layer of paint, and set it aside to dry. 

When I return, I find that Big Lady has taken my spot at the easel. 

She approaches the work with excited abandon…scooping mounds of cold wax, stitching scraps onto canvas, and pushing paint around with brushes, palette knives, and her fingers. She has paint in her hair and paint on her face.

....I don't know what I'd do without her.

Together, we create colorful, soulful, and playful portraits that celebrate humans, their place in our world, and their relationships. Our work is meant to be empowering, tender, and sometimes mischievous.

We are passionate about creating art that connects our collectors to a part of themselves.