Jennifer Yoswa​

oil painter

Long story: One of my favorite things to do is take a walk, listen to music, and let my mind wander. On one particular walk, I started thinking about how people (often artists) call themselves “self-taught.” I do. But if one is self-taught, how do they know what to learn? What if they read the wrong books? This gave me an idea. When I got home from my walk, I jotted down about 30 different imaginary titles of books that would be silly, counterintuitive, or maybe even absurd (laughable, foolish, or false). After changing the titles half a dozen times, I landed here. I LOVE this painting and laughed the entire time I painted it!  P.S. She’s “trying on” cowgirl because she read that they have more fun. She wants more fun. P.P.S. There exists a real Kama Sutra Popup book, believe it or not.