She Was Painted Into a Corner 

​.....where she has decided to stay indefinitely

16" by 20" oil on canvas 


This painting reflects a significant time in my life. After 30 years as an educator in the same school district, the last 15 being in gifted education, I was informed that my department was being dismantled and I would have to reapply for my job. I felt betrayed. I felt "painted into a corner." I began this self portrait as a way to process these difficult circumstances. I was angry when I began, but, by the time I finished, I realized I had been given a gift. I decided it was time to retire from education and make art my full time job. 

This portrait is a very happy, relaxed, retired me. I am living my dream everyday.

"My life is sweet like cinnamon." (Lana Del Ray) 

P.S. This painting has been hanging in my house for a year now. A couple months ago, my husband asked, "Did you know there are too many fingers on her left hand?" I just smiled. 

Jennifer Yoswa